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Wide solar panels? Of course!

New base for wider solar panels with wafer type M6 It is now possible to plan solar panels with widths of up to 1068 mm on the substructures of our PMT EVO 2.0 systems. The new base "EVO 2.0 B10 M6 Type 75" with item number 52215-1816 is used for this purpose.

28 May 2021 | 15:31
In order to ensure the aerodynamic properties of our systems for larger solar panels (from 1021 mm to 1068 mm) as well, we are introducing the new M6 base. This base allows the solar panel to slide down a little further, ensuring a sufficiently large ridge gap as well as accessibility for installation and maintenance.

The previous base “EVO 2.0 B10 Type 75”, with item number 52215-1384-01, can still be used for all solar panels with a width of up to 1020 mm.
Comparison of base and M6 base

The M6 base is automatically selected by the solar panel selection in our planning software.
As of now, this is possible for the PMT EVO 2.0 E-W 10° and PMT EVO 2.0 S 10° systems.

The selection in our planning software will be added for the PMT EVO 2.0 E-W 15° and PMT EVO 2.0 S 15° system as quickly as possible.
You can find a comparison of the detailed system drawings here
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