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Let’s make our local forests fit 

We donate 888 trees for the campaign by Radio-Plassenburg and fit4future Wald Oberfranken.

11 July 2023 | 7:28

Our forests are not doing well at all. Heat, drought and the bark beetle have particularly affected the spruce trees – but not only them. Other trees are also suffering, and entire areas are now bare and have to be reforested. Our environment is close to our hearts, so we are proud to have donated a massive amount of 888 trees as part of the Radio-Plassenburg and fit4future Wald Oberfranken campaign. 

With our donation, we can offset the entire carbon footprint of a persons lifetime and help to reforest the suffering parts of nature that define our region. 

Each of us can make a contribution: we already order from local suppliers and are constantly optimising our strategic and operational supply chains to offer our products, as carbon neutral as possible.

Become a tree hero and help to make our world a better place with every single tree donation. Find more information here: https://oberfranken.fit4future-natur.de

Helmut Weiss
Head of Marketing & Communications
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