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Next Level Industry Standards for Solar Roofs

DIN standard for more safety in PV and solar systems

07 October 2022 | 13:39

DIN standard for more safety in PV and solar systems

Although it has long been clear that solar energy has to be an essential cornerstone of the energy transition, there has been no DIN standard for PV and solar systems on roofs so far. This is about to change. A dedicated standards committee is now working on the creation of an adequate regulation. Michael Hacker from Premium Mounting Technologies brings expertise from Stadtsteinach to this committee. PMT Managing Director Peter Grass is also involved.

“For us, this is a long overdue and valuable step in the right direction,” says Michael Hacker after the first meetings of the committee. Initially, the topic of PV was to be located in the area of roof accessories. However, it has been confirmed that the subject area is too diverse and complex and justifies the expertise of a separate committee.

After the founding of the committee in September 2021 and the constituent meeting, the substantive work now begins. In subgroups, the committee’s staff will determine the necessary minimum requirements for planning, dimensioning and installation of solar systems in the coming months. Where applicable, additive and integrated photovoltaics, PV systems and solar thermal on flat and pitched roofs as well as facades are to be taken into account.

“If we can establish sustainable standards on the market, this will promote the safety of the plants in the future and thus protect consumers. A goal we are happy to work towards,” confirms Peter Grass.



The standards committee NA 005-02-20 AA “PV and solar systems on or at roofs” was founded in September 2021. Its aim is to define requirements for the planning, dimensioning and execution of solar installations and to create a standardisation. PMT as a permanent member, represented by Michael Hacker, and 20 experts from the building technology and solar technology work sectors participate in this working committee of the German Institute for Standardisation. Guests, including Peter Grass, support with their impulses from the industry.

DIN’s annual report can be viewed here.


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