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We are revolutionizing the solar market. Our brand new photovoltaic mounting system PMT GHOST can be mounted invisibly, flexibly and incredibly fast on trapezoidal sheet roofs.
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PV Mounting system PMT Ghost

Maximum variability

Roof inclination up to 60 degrees

Whether pitched or flat roofs – PMT GHOST can be mounted on all trapezoidal sheet roofs with an inclination angle of 0-60°.

Mounting transverse and upright

PMT GHOST allows both transverse and upright mounting on the top chords.

The visible advantages
of an invisible system

PMT GHOST combines revolutionary design and quality. It offers efficiency through many years of intensive product development. Flexible and fast assembly makes this PV mounting system an all-rounder for trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. Another advantage is the storage, logistics and assembly optimization.

Unlimited stacking

Thanks to stackable components, this PV mounting system is maximally logistics-optimized.

Minimized material use

Minimalism is a top priority for us. With only three components, PMT GHOST is our most efficient and revolutionary mounting system for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.

Assembly in record time

With only one assembly tool, PMT GHOST is shockingly quick and easy to install. Continuous rails without system separations enable efficient installation. A 100kWp system can be installed by one person in just 6 hours.

Revolutionary design for trapezoidal roofs

Endless options

Never stop the system

With the continuous rail, the system can be endlessly strung together. No interruption is necessary. At the same time, the rails serve both as an installation aid and as a securing device on the roof. The construction is almost invisible and optimally adapts to the roof.
Installation without mechanical stresses

Easy to assemble

By fixing the solar modules via the variable detent clips, the installation is carried out without high mechanical tension. Despite the slight play during installation, the system is firmly and securely anchored to the roof by the detent clips and screws.
Assembly master

quick and safe

The PV system is assembled with only three components: The rail with an integrated protective band, the detent clips for fixing and the screws for the final fastening. The integrated protective EPDM-band keeps the roof cladding protected from moisture. The solar modules do not have to be installed under mechanical tension. The construction is securely mounted by the detent clips and screws.
Cable management

organization has to be

The cables are laid directly along the system. They are safely tucked away via a cable run. The cable system can be extended as required.
Universal detention clips

Simply lid it on

Not only with the size of the solar modules you have free choice. There are also hardly any restrictions on the module height. Module heights of 30-40 mm are covered by the flexible detent clips. This makes your planning and installation easier.
Calculation based on solar module Q.PEAK DUO L-G 8 420

Maximally optimized for
logistics and warehouse

Getting the material to the job site is a complex and costly feat with conventional systems. With the stackable rails from PMT GHOST, the available capacities can be utilized to the maximum. Logistics costs are minimized considerably and the associated effort is reduced to an optimum.
6x conventional rails
6x conventional rails

160 rails per storage location
thanks to stackable design

Stackability is also an added value in the warehouse. Capacities can be optimally utilized, saving storage costs and making all components available in one place.  The modules are fastened at the top via the detent clips. This makes their use much more variable.

Complete with only three components

Unlike many other solar mounting systems, PMT GHOST essentially consists of three components: Rail, detent clips for fixing the modules, and  self-drilling screws that are fastened without swarf. This makes mounting extremely fast and easy to handle.


Endless rail incl. 2mm EPDM-band

Detent Clip

End and middle detent clips with variable height


Self-drilling screws with washer for secure hold
Shockingly quickly mounted

Assembly in record time!

The simple assembly saves time and man power. The system is fastened with just one tool. The PV system is mounted in just a few steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

For which roof pitches is PMT GHOST suitable?

PMT GHOST can be mounted on all roof pitches from 0 – 60°.

How often must the rail be screwed to the roof?

The screw spacing is determined individually for each project and cannot be defined in general. Decisive parameters include the module size, the wind load and the type of roof.

Does the trapezoidal sheet keep 100% tight even after screwing PMT GHOST rails?

Yes, thanks to the 2 mm protective band, the roof is 100% tight and impermeable. This is made of EPDM material, which is extremely robust and weather-resistant and protects against unwanted water penetration. The sealing with the washers at the screws provides additional protection.

Do I need thermal separation of the individual module fields?

No, thanks to the continuous rails, installation without mechanical stresses of the modules is possible. Thus, thermally induced fluctuations of the module fields can be compensated and no separation is required

Is there a maximum roof length when mounting PMT GHOST?

No, with the help of the continuous rail, roofs of all lengths are suitable for mounting a PV system. The rails are available in lengths of 2200mm, 3300mm as well as 4400mm.

How long does it take to install a 100 kWp system with PMT GHOST?.

PMT GHOST can be mounted faster than any other of our PV system due to its efficient design. A single person needs only about 6 hours to mount a 100 kWp system.

Do the rails have to be cut to size at the construction site?

The PV mounting system does not require any system separations. This means that it can be installed endlessly. Only the last rail of a row must be cut to size on site.

For which module frame heights is this PV system suitable?

Modules with a height of 30 – 40 mm can be installed. Two universal detention clip are sufficient for the middle and end piece. There are also no restrictions in terms of length and width. This contributes to a shockingly simple and fast assembly of PMT GHOST.

How do I release the detent clip if modules need to be replaced?

For this purpose, we have developed our own tool for disassembly. With it, you can easily loosen the detent clips and change the desired solar modules.

Can I fix PMT GHOST even on old and uneven roofs?

Due to the wear of the roofs, the chords are no longer uniformly at one height, which is why difficulties may arise. Applicability on uneven roofs must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a distance gauge to help with assembly?

Yes, we will provide you with one spacing gauge each for transverse and upright mounting.

Does PMT GHOST have a general building approval (abZ)?

The general building approval (allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) has already been applied for. Since we have just launched PMT GHOST on the market, we are still in the process here.

What requirements must the trapezoidal roof meet in order to be able to install PMT GHOST on it?

There are no restrictions regarding the top and low chords. For trapezoidal roofs made of aluminum and steel, the roof must have a sheet thickness of 0.63 – 1.0 mm. Steel roofs should be at least 0.75 mm thick according to EN.

Can PMT GHOST also be installed on sandwich trapezoidal roofs?

No, we currently do not have any approvals from sandwich trapezoidal manufacturers.

Is drainage integrated?

No, thanks to our innovative and qualitative design, no drainage is necessary.

Does the snow load zone have an influence on the assembly?

In snow load zones 1 and 2, PMT GHOST can be mounted without restrictions. From a snow load zone of 3, we recommend mounting the modules crosswise. The exact mounting conditions depend on the module and the individual influences, which we check separately.
Our goal was to provide the market with a photovoltaic mounting system that can be installed quickly and safely, while being more economical than classic systems. With PMT GHOST, we offer an innovative solution for photovoltaic mounting on trapezoidal roofs with real economic, visual and practical added value.

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About PMT

Premium Mounting Technologies (PMT) has been leading the market with innovative and practical solar mounting solutions. PMT has developed and redefined PV mounting systems for flat as well as pitched roofs and solar carports which provide economic, practical and elegantly engineered solutions based on several years of hands on experience.

Founded in 2012, the company has always focused on quality and innovations. What started with flat roof constructions of common solar systems, grew along with constantly changing customer requirements to a wide product range. The company is based on the best of German engineering traditions, with high quality and attention to detail central to its product development. Products are extensively tested with a focus on constant improvement. The vision for the continued development is presented in “NEXT LEVEL MOUNTING”.

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