PMT CARPORT with photovoltaic system

Your system solution for economical, independent power generation

PMT carport solutions will sensibly utilise the asphalt desert in large car parks thanks to economical, independent electricity generation. The proven driven pile foundation can be implemented without extensive surface preparations or cost-intensive foundation work. In addition, our carports will win you over with absolute weather protection for all types of vehicles.
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Minimally invasive foundation

Minimal intervention into the existing surfaces. This means an extensive concrete foundation is not necessary.
technical data

Just the way you want it

Energy production for, for example, electric mobility and covered car parks in one clever solution.

Clever times two

Energiegewinnung für zum Beispiel Elektromobilität und überdachte Stellplätze in einer cleveren Lösung.


PMT CARPORT offers even more convenience, extra-large roof surfaces and maximum energy production. You also don’t have to forego anything when it comes to construction, accessories, service and safety.
Multifunctional carport
Perfect performance

You’ll use it for years

The V-tube construction sets the standard for aesthetics and practicality. Parking becomes child’s play. The cable routing is integrated into the structure. It also lasts for years and retains its quality thanks to its corrosion protection.
Fast installation

No foundation work necessary

The carports are installed using driven piles without any complex intervention in the area.
Practical accessories

The optimal extension

Additional protection is provided by integrated lightning protection systems, roof drainage system and snow guard.
Routine processes

With many years of project experience

From the enquiry to the final implementation of your carport project, we and our partners will accompany you through every phase of the project.
Proven statics

Verifiable statics

The system statics are certified in accordance with the Eurocodes and national annexes. Furthermore, our carport design is patented.
Two versions

Single or Double

The PMT CARPORT is available in double and single versions. The double CARPORT and its roof depth of more than 12.6 metres is used for two-rowed parking spaces. With its reduced roof depth of 8.5 metres, the single CARPORT is designed for single-row parking spaces. The dimensions of both versions are completely customisable, depending on the static conditions.
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Project requirements

If you decide to go with a carport solution, your car park or ground area must fulfil certain criteria to allow us to implement your project.
If you decide to go with a carport solution, your car park or ground area must fulfil certain criteria to allow us to implement your project.

Project size

The size of the respective project plays an essential role. The minimum requirements for project size is a total output of 1,000 kWp or 300 parking spaces.

Carport requirements

Although our carports can be individualised to a great extent, there are some features that are generally fixed. For example, it is not possible to make carports without sheet metal or concrete.

Geographic location and terrain of the car park

To implement the solar panels on the carports as efficiently as possible, your car park must fulfil several geographic requirements. It should be located on as flat an area as possible without any inclines or slopes. Due to the statics, we cannot build carports on parking decks or buildings. Also too much shade from trees or other buildings would be a strike against building a PV roof carport.

The most important numbers and data about the Single CARPORT Single and the Double CARPORT at a glance

Technical data
Parking spaces
min. 300 parking spaces
Entrance height
Single: 2,65 m/3,35 m/3,75 m/4,80m
Double: 2,65 m/3,35 m/3,75 m/4,80m
Parking space width
Roof pitch
Roof measurements
roof depth: 8,50 m up to max. 8,90m, variable length
roof depth: 12,60 m up to max. 13,0 m, variable length
Roof area
Number of modules
Module positioning
Collision protection
10 kN for car weithing up to 3,0 t
Cable routing
Concrete base (prefabricated part)
Concrete base (prefabricated part)
HEA girder
HEA girder
High trapezoidal sheet metal
High trapezoidal sheet metal
Steel purlin
Steel purlin
Wood purlin
Wood purlin
Sheet metal roof edging (with optional snow guard)
Sheet metal roof edging (with optional snow guard)
Wallbox bracket
Wallbox bracket
Inverter bracket
Inverter bracket
Powder coating in special color
Powder coating in special color
Special embossing concrete base
Special embossing concrete base
Substructure for PV system
Substructure for PV system
Assembly instructions PMT CARPORT
(3.43 MB)
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Product data sheet PMT CARPORT SINGLE
(1.74 MB)
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Product data sheet PMT CARPORT DOUBLE
(2.00 MB)
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Technical data sheet PMT CARPORT
(1.97 MB)
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Maximum process experience
Routine from order to implementation



After your enquiry, with the most important basic information, we check the requirements and possible restrictions..

Design and cost estimate

We design the first draft based on the pre-dimensioned standard scenarios and provide you with a cost estimate. We will clarify open questions to better assess the ground quality and static pre-dimensioning.


We present you with our first design and adjust it to your requirements. Then we move to the specification phase.


You can commission us to create the final layout at the same time as you receive the building permit from your architect. You will then receive your binding offer.

Construction site and statics

To calculate the dimensioning and final statics of the carports, driven pile tests and load tests will be carried out by geotechnical engineers. Adjustments and an external inspection are carried out if necessary.

Offer and date

We prepare your final offer along with any other additional services. During this step, the planned implementation schedule is also discussed.

Delivery and implementation

After the order has been placed, we deliver the components in accordance with the construction schedule. You will commission a construction company that will build the carports based on the plans. We would be happy to send you a list of our partners.


Philipp Gesell
Head of Project Management Carports
+ 49 (0) 9225 95500 project@pmt.solutions contact now


General information

Is it possible to see the carports beforehand?

You can get an impression of our carports in use at the Netzsch Arena in Selb or at the P+R car park of the municipal utility company in Bamberg. You can also view our carports at Bosch in Eisenach by making an appointment with the plant security representative.

What factors could affect the construction?

In general, delays in building approvals, external inspections and country-specific standards may affect the building time. Location-specific challenges such as distances to buildings and property lines, underground pipe and cable routes, glare from a motorway, and fire extinguishing water pipes for additional structures can also influence the building the carports. The quality of the foundation soil, the height profile, seismic loads, vibrations from pile driving can also cause delays in the construction time. And lastly, nature conservation regulations, tree cutting work and the drainage situation can force changes in the planning.

Delivery & scope of services

What is included in the cost estimate?

  • Foundation with agreed anchoring depth based on pre-dimensioned load scenarios
  • Ready-mix concrete base with connection elements, grouting mortar and self-levelling mortar (up to a maximum 6 cm of terrain compensation)
  • Galvanised steel structure with connection elements
  • Purlin (wood/steel) with connection elements
  • Trapezoidal roofing with connection elements

What accessories can be ordered in connection to the carport?

  • Sheet metal roof edging: consisting of bargeboard, ridge plate and water baffle plate or fascia
  • Snow guards: an alternative fascia with additional tilt to stop snow from sliding down
  • Drainage: including box gutters (nominal size 333) with downpipes (DN100) to the ground surface and all other necessary connection elements. This is calculated for a downpipe on every second support (drainage measurement is a task for the building developer)
  • Substructure for PV system: Contains a short rail system for PV mounting with rails, clamps, bolts, clips. Cable ties and similar items are not included.

Do the carports have a long delivery time?

In general, the components are delivered within 6-8 weeks. The installation on the car parks can then begin.

Is it ready to use?

We will be happy to guide you through the entire process on the path to your ideal carport. The carport is installed by a construction company commissioned by the customer, which then hands the system over in a ready-to-use condition. We would be happy to provide a list of our partners.

Is the V-tube construction always included in the scope of delivery?

Yes. In addition to the V-tubes, we deliver the 180 HEA girders, the pre-fabricated concrete base element (with anti-collision protection at the same time), anchor elements, levelling compound under the concrete base, and the industrial grade trapezoidal metal sheeting for the roof. The wood or steel purlin is also included, depending on the option you have chosen.

Planning & applications

What is the planning procedure?

Give us the exact address and indicate where the car park is or where it will be built. Indicate the configuration of the carports and your requirements for the PV system. Important: If necessary, give us the maximum dimensions and capacity restrictions of the location. We can then proceed with the first steps of the customised planning.

What is the time scope that I should plan for the project?

In our experience, about six months should be set aside for the project. This does not depend on the delivery time or the pre-planning, but rather more on the necessary soil samples and other topics.

Is a building application necessary for a carport?

Yes. Carports are considered buildings and must be approved by the building authority.

Who makes the application to the building authority?

An architect who is authorised to obtain building permits submits the building application to the responsible building authority. The architect is commissioned by the customer.


Who installs the carport system?

The carport is installed by a construction company commissioned by the customer. We would be happy to provide a list of our partners.

Who orders and mounts the solar panels?

The solar panels are ordered by the customer and mounted on the roof of the carport by the construction company.

What all is involved in the installation of the PV system?

  • Assembly of the substructure
  • Laying the string cables to the generator connection box or power inverter without burying them
  • Establishment of roof access
  • Grounding the PV system (if necessary)
  • Filling out the measurement protocol
  • Labelling the strings
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