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Donations instead of gifts

We donate 4,000 euros to the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung in Kulmbach.

25 January 2024 | 7:32
Last Christmas, we made a conscious decision not to give traditional customer gifts. Instead of superficial greeting cards and presents that often end up in the bin, we opted for a strong sign of solidarity and charity. We made a generous donation of 4,000 euros to the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung in Kulmbach.

Helmut Weiß, Head of Marketing & Communications at PMT, explains: "We wanted to make a sustainable contribution this year. Christmas presents and cards that end up in the bin far too quickly didn't seem to make much sense to us. Instead, we opted for a donation that makes a real difference locally."

The choice fell on the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung, which is delighted with the generous support. "Thanks to this donation, we can make various leisure activities possible and even purchase the long-awaited nest swing. Many thanks to the PMT team!" says Head of Department Edeltraud Dahlhoff.

The Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung is one of the leading child and youth welfare organizations in northern Bavaria and offers a wide range of help, facilities and services. At the handover, our employees Helmut Weiß and Selina Metzner emphasized that they were impressed by the caring support provided to children and young people by the Geschwister Gummi Foundation. "It's admirable to see how the children and young people are looked after here. We are convinced that our donation is in the best hands here."

Kathrin Buchbinder
Marketing & Communication
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