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Premium solutions are only possible with the best service. Personal consultation and good availability are the basis of every one of our projects. Do you have a request? Our experts are happy to take care of your request. You can also find all the relevant information and help for the most common questions here.
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PMT Proof

To safeguard you against planning and installation errors, we inspect all the systems in detail before commissioning.
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PMT Plan

Our full service package for safe planning, taking all current EN standards into account.
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Here you can find all data sheets, product information and installation instructions for download.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is the smallest unit that PMT uses for photovoltaic systems and carports?

To implement a PV system, it must have an output of at least 300 kWp. For you to be able to create a carport project within Germany, you will need space for at least 60 parking spaces. Outside of Germany, at least 100 parking spaces are required.

How long is your warranty period?

The warranty on all of our products lasts 10 years. You can find the details in our warranty conditions. With the PMT Proof procedure, the warranty can be extended to 20 years.

What products are included in the warranty?

The product warranty is exclusively valid for the metallic components of the following product systems:

  • PMT EVO 2.0 S
  • PMT EVO 2.0 EW
  • PMT Flat Direct
  • PMT Carport Single (see the warranty conditions for restrictions)
  • PMT Carport Double (see the warranty conditions for restrictions)

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers primary and secondary damage and enters into force if Premium Mounting Technologies has made an error in the system planning, design or component measurements. Primary and secondary damage is understood to mean something immediately connected to the system or the building or in the surrounding area has been damaged.

Are your products available at brick-and-mortar wholesalers?

Currently, our mounting systems can only be purchased from select business partners. We will be happy to help you to find the right dealer.

Can private households purchase mounting systems from PMT?

No. We only sell our products to corporate customers.
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