The invisible photovoltaic mounting system for trapezoidal roofs

PMT GHOST - eerily simple

PMT GHOST is the efficient PV mounting system for trapezoidal roofs such as monopitch, shed, barrel or butterfly roofs.
The mounting solution is suitable for substructures with a roof pitch of up to 75°.
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Three components - one system

PMT GHOST consists of only three components: Rail, latching cover and fastening.
technical data

Horizontal & vertical mounting

Our PV substructure allows both transverse and upright mounting on the high beads according to your individual requirements.

Product features

PMT GHOST is our revolutionary solution for stackable design and cost-efficient assembly in record time. With this brand new technology, we are opening the door to a new era of mounting systems. Discover the advantages of our trapezoidal roof substructure system for PV.
Minimized use of materials

3 components - 1 system

Just three components make PMT GHOST our most efficient and revolutionary substructure for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.
Maximum storage capacity

140 rails per storage bin

Stackability is a real added value not only in terms of design, but also in the warehouse. Capacities can be optimally utilized, saving storage costs and ensuring that all components are available in one place. The modules are secured at the top using two snap-on lids. This makes their use much more variable.
Assembly in record time

Frighteningly simple

PMT GHOST can be installed incredibly quickly and easily. Continuous rails without system separations enable efficient installation.
Endless possibilities

Invisible customization

With the continuous rail, the system can be strung together endlessly. No interruption is necessary. The rails serve both as an installation aid and as a safety device on the roof. The construction is almost invisible and blends in perfectly with the roof.

Stress-free installation

Firmly anchored

By fixing the solar modules using the variable snap-on covers, the installation is carried out without high mechanical tension. Despite the slight play during installation, the system is firmly and securely anchored to the roof thanks to the snap-in covers and screws.
Cable management

Trouble-free and safe

The cables are laid directly along the system. They are safely stowed away via a cable run. The cable system can be extended as required.

Universal latching cover

Facilitated planning

It's not just the size of the solar modules that you can choose from. There are hardly any restrictions on module height either. Module heights of 30-40 mm are covered by the flexible snap-on covers. This makes your planning and installation easier.
Technical data
Roof type
The trapezoidal roof PV mounting systems are suitable for pitched, monopitch, shed and butterfly roofs (special projects possible?).
Roof pitch
0° to 75°
Roof covering

Trapezoidal steel sheet or trapezoidal aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.75-1.0 mm


Screw connection with seal

Aluminum EN-AW-6060-T66
Stainless steel A2

Sealing and protective tape
EPDM 25 x 2 mm prefabricated
Horizontal and vertical mounting, combination possible

Edge clamping, quarter-point clamping, 6-point clamping possible

PV module suitability
All standard PV module sizes
Framed modules with frame height 30-40 mm
PMT GHOST RA type 2200
PMT GHOST RA type 3300
PMT GHOST RA type 4400
Center clamp
Center clamp
PMT GHO MC type 40
PMT GHO MC type 32 (coming soon)
End clamp
End clamp
PMT GHO SC type 40
PMT GHO SC type 32 (coming soon)
Ghost disk
Ghost disk
Body washer 6.4 / 35 x 1.5
Thin sheet screw
Thin sheet screw
DBS A2 6.0 x 25
Trapezoidal sheet metal screw
Trapezoidal sheet metal screw
Assembly tool
Assembly tool


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Key Account Manager
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Frequently asked questions

For which roof pitches is PMT GHOST suitable?

PMT GHOST is our first photovoltaic mounting system that can be installed on all roof pitches from 0-75°.

How often does the rail have to be screwed to the roof?

It is not possible to determine the general spacing between the screws. The screw spacing is determined individually for each project. Decisive parameters include the module size, the wind load and the type of roof.

Does the trapezoidal sheeting remain 100% watertight even after the PMT GHOST profiles have been screwed together?

Yes, thanks to the 2 mm thick protective mat on the rails, the roof remains 100% watertight and impermeable. This is made of EPDM material, which is extremely robust and weather-resistant and protects against unwanted water penetration. Sealing with sealing washers on the screws provides additional protection.

Do I need thermal separation of the individual module fields?

No, thanks to the continuous rails, stress-free installation of the modules is possible. This means that thermally induced fluctuations in the module fields can be compensated for and no separation is required.

Is there a maximum roof length for the installation of PMT GHOST ?

No, with the help of the continuous rail, roofs of all lengths are suitable for the installation of a PV system. The profiles are available in lengths of 2200mm, 3300mm and 4400mm.

Do the profiles have to be cut to size on site?

The PV mounting system does not require any system separations. This makes it infinitely expandable. Only the last rail of a row needs to be cut to size on site.

For which module frame heights is this PV substructure suitable?

Modules with a height of 30-40 mm can be installed. A universal snap-on cover is sufficient for the middle and end piece. There are also no restrictions in terms of length and width. This contributes to a shockingly simple and quick installation of PMT GHOST .

How do I release the latching cover if modules need to be replaced?

We have developed our own disassembly tool for this purpose. This allows you to easily remove the snap-on cover and replace the desired solar modules.

Can I also install PMT GHOST on old and uneven roofs?

Due to the wear and tear of the roofs, the beads are no longer uniformly at the same height, which can lead to difficulties. Applicability on uneven roofs must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a distance gauge as an assembly aid?

Yes, we provide you with a distance gauge for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Does PMT GHOST have a general building authority approval?

The general building authority approval has already been granted.

What requirements must the trapezoidal sheet meet in order to be able to install PMT GHOST on it?

There are no restrictions with regard to bead height and bead width. For trapezoidal roofs made of aluminum and steel, the roof must have a sheet thickness of 0.75-1.0 mm. According to EN, steel roofs should be at least 0.75 mm thick.

Can PMT GHOST also be installed on sandwich trapezoidal roofs?

No, we do not currently have any approvals from the sandwich track manufacturer.

Is drainage integrated?

No, thanks to our innovative and high-quality design, no drainage is necessary.

Where are the cables attached?

The cable routing runs directly next to the modules. A smart cable management system is integrated into our PV substructure to securely fasten the cables.

Does the snow load zone have an influence on the installation?

In snow load zones 1 and 2, PMT GHOST can be installed without restrictions. From a snow load zone of 3, we recommend installing the modules crosswise. The exact installation conditions depend on the module and the individual influences, which we check separately.
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