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NEXT LEVEL WWW - Last building block of the PMT brand refresh finalized

Innovative - well thought out - NEXT LEVEL. As part of the brand refresh, the PMT website now also has a new look.

July 14, 2021 | 6:00
Mhe new website of PMT - Premium Mounting Technologies has gone online with a clean, modern design, reduced navigation and fresh product information. Under www.pmt.solutions the developer and manufacturer of PV substructures now also presents itself on the web in its new corporate design.

The clear design makes it easy for the user to find out about Solutions, Expertise and Jobs to provide information. This gives customers and interested parties a quick overview of the company's core competencies. Particular attention was paid to the Presentation of PMT's first-class assembly systems. By means of informative, well thought-out and structured product pages, PMT was able to clearly display the most important information about the products in images and text - from mobile devices to large PC monitors.

"Nine years after its foundation, PMT has established itself as a quality leader on the market. Our new website now conveys this greatness and our expertise to the outside world. Our products are unique. And we now need to emphasize this in our digital marketing and communication strategy. The final piece of the puzzle of our brand refresh has now been put in place with the new website," says Stefanie Weber, Head of Marketing & Communications at PMT.

One person draws designs for the brand refresh on paper with a pencil.

The way to the NEXT LEVEL WWW

Analysis & concept phase of the brand refresh

We have completely overhauled our online presence. As a first step, in addition to a market and target group analysis, we designed a data-driven user experience that meets the latest technical requirements. With these findings, the structure was built up piece by piece to enable the best possible user guidance.

Design phase

With the help of wireframes and initial sketches, the next step was the graphic development. From the design of each individual icon to extensive 3D renderings, there was a lot to do from the beginning to the go-live. All photo and video material was also newly produced and revised.

Text phase

In order to ensure an improved customer approach and to clearly highlight the benefits, all texts were revised and redesigned. To ensure good visibility in the search engines, this was of course preceded by several keyword searches and SEO analyses. With regard to internationalization, an English translation of the texts was also a must.

Programming & content maintenance

Parallel to the final design and text work, the website was individually programmed in the last step. Fast loading times, optimal display on all end devices and the functionality of all features were the top priorities here.

Nexel Level www

So a lot of work and passion has gone into our new website. But we never stand still. We are always one step ahead and are already developing new content and functionalities for our website. Stay tuned. The next update will follow soon!

Kathrin Buchbinder
Marketing & Communication
+ 49 (0) 9225 95500 k.buchbinder@pmt.solutions contact now
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